184 – Your Side Hustle

Hey there! It’s Dr. Dave and welcome back to The David Madow Lifestyle Show. It’s the show where I help you live stronger, thinner, healthier, and happier.

I’ve got a lot of great people with me today. I want to thank all of you for listening! Some of the guys and gals that I spoke to at the Whole Foods talk last week in Annapolis, Maryland said they would be listening too. The talk was great! I had about 60 people out there. It was a great audience. I showed them 10 ways to supercharge their life and we had a great time. I want to thank you so much for having me out there. I can’t wait to come back again. It was incredible!

Before we get into our main topic today, if you have not signed up for the Vegan Indian Buffet & Open Mic on May 6th, I think I’ve got 2 or 3 seats left. The thing is virtually sold out. I am holding a few so if you want to come let me know.

By the way, if you think you are too far from Owings Mills, Maryland, we have somebody coming in from Oklahoma City which is quite a distance. I’ve got somebody that just signed up last night that is coming in from Las Vegas, Nevada to attend this event. Plus, I have a couple people that are going to be in from Japan. So, if you think you are too far away and the distance is separating us, shut up! You’ve got to get there because it’s going to be awesome. The first one we did was incredible. We had not only fantastic food from the all you can eat vegan Indian buffet but then people stepped up to the mic and it was amazing. I want to see you there! Let me know if you want to take those last few tickets. I would love to hang out with you. [UPDATE: This event is now SOLD OUT. Stay tuned for information about our next event.]

Let’s get into our main topic of the day. And that’s a topic that I want to call “side hustle.” What is a side hustle exactly? Well, a side hustle is a side business or a job that you have in addition to your day job to either have fun with or potentially make some money on the side. A lot of people do a little side hustle because it’s something they ultimately want to turn into their full-time business.

Now, I have to admit, I have been using this term for a while. It’s been around for quite some time. I did some research and the term actually goes back to the 1950s where it was primarily used in the African American community for a side or part-time job to make extra money for the family.

The word hustle can have many different connotations. When you hustle somebody usually that’s bad. But no, a side hustle is not that at all. A side hustle is simply something you are doing in addition to your regular work as a hobby or to potentially make some money.

I’m going to share something. I think you have a side hustle in you and I am going to prove it to you right now. When I was practicing dentist back in the 80s, I had some patients in my practice that were delinquent payers. They rightfully owed me money for treatment that was done and for some reason they just never paid me. I also have a brother that’s a dentist as well, Dr. Rich Madow. And he was practicing about 30 miles away from where I was and he was experiencing the same problem. So together we designed a collection form completely on our own and we started sending it to our patients that owed us money. Sure enough, wham! Checks started coming in to the mailbox. Sometimes patients would even come in and put cash on the counter. This thing worked incredibly well.

So, we had this idea to start a side hustle. This was back in 1989. I didn’t know the term at all. But what we started doing was to market this collection form to other dentists in the area first. Then we decided to market it through direct mail. There was no internet back then. And sure enough dentists all over the country started buying our little collection form.

It didn’t stop there. We started marketing this thing to other doctors. It didn’t stop there either. We then marketed it to other types of businesses. Florist, funeral homes, automotive, anybody that had the potential to be owed money by clients, patients, or customers. This little business started taking off. That was my side hustle.

Fast forward a few years from that, we started developing some other products for dentists and other doctors and in 1993 I sold my dental practice. Which by the way was a very successful and lucrative practice. But I sold it to promote my full-time side hustle. And over many, many years it has blossomed into pretty much an international business. We speak all over North America and Canada. We have products for doctors. We do all kinds of things to help people become more successful.

So that was my side hustle that turned into my full-time hustle or rather full-time business.  A serious business. I have fun with it. And I can pretty much work from wherever I want. If you have a cell phone, a computer, and an internet connection, you can pretty much do anything these days.

Side hustles are a way to do other things outside of your main job. The s ide hustle I’ve had lately is helping people like you make your life better. I have been working with individuals on a one on one basis coaching and really turning lives around. I love it! It’s something I can do from pretty much wherever I am. It is so rewarding to meet someone and after several phone calls and communicating with them by email, they change their life. There really isn’t anything better.

If you have something that you are trying to achieve in your life and you’re not sure what direction to turn, it may be worth a phone call. It may be worth you and I chatting on the phone. Now, do I talk to every single person that requests a call. No, my life is really, really busy. Thank God! Things are really great and I just don’t have the time to talk to every person that wants to talk. But if I think there’s a match and I think we are vibrating at the same frequency. Send me an email to rundrdave@gmail.com. Let me know what you are thinking and why you want to talk. It could be anything. From losing weight to being stronger to developing a side hustle or something that you want to do in your regular business or job or whatever it might be. Throw it out there to me. If you want we can jump on the phone and chat about it a little bit and see if we can work together.

I just want to go back to my Annapolis talk that I did last week one more time. It was great talking to 60 people. So many people came up to me at the end. I was getting asked great questions and giving business cards hoping to stay in touch.

My wife Yoko actually made a pretty big hit there. If you are a long-time listener you probably know that she is a massage therapist. And she does a lot of different modalities and energy work. And she is a great Yogi and meditator. I think when we come back there, Yoko and I may do a talk together. She has so much to share. So, look out for Yoko to be speaking with me in the near future. I think she would be a tremendous asset. She just connects with people even though English is not her first language. She has some incredible life changing things to say.

I am going to go ahead and have a healthy breakfast right now. People ask all the time what I eat for breakfast so I am going to share this with you because it’s healthy, it works for me, and it gives me energy. I have some type of vegan cereal and pile it with fresh organic fruit. One of my favorite cereals is Veganic Sprouted Ancient Maize Flakes. It’s by a company called One Degree Foods. I also add things like chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, pecans, walnuts, and almond milk. It is an incredibly filling healthy meal that I enjoy almost every single morning. When I am traveling and staying in a hotel room, I’ll bring instant oatmeal with no sugar added. I also bring almond milk and hemp seed or flax seed and shake it up in one of those shaker bottles and let it sit for a while. You do not have to heat oatmeal for it to work really well.

Another thing I’ve been asked to do is to help people travel for pennies on the dollar. I’ve literally figured out how to travel all across the U.S.A. and more basically on the cheap. I do not spend a lot of money when I travel. And if you follow me you know that I travel quite a bit. Some of it is purely for pleasure but I have totally mastered the art of being able to travel around for not very much.

I’m going to get back in there and have a healthy vegan breakfast. Until next week, I am Dr. Dave! See ya!


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