23 – How to Get From the Couch to a 5K and More!

Slice-Your-Age-PodcastMarch 6, 2014 – Episode 23 – Recording from his studio in Breckenridge, Colorado, Dr. Dave brings in guest, Dr. Ritu Rao, who is sure to inspire you! Ritu figured out how to go from a sedentary life sitting on the couch, to a 5K race and MUCH more. This is an absolute must listen for anyone who thinks that they cannot get themselves into the best shape possible! You gotta hear Ritu’s story!

Take a listen to the show. Download it and throw it on your iphone or ipod and listen to on the go in your car or while you are going for a run or walk inside or outside. Live Stronger, Healthier, and Happier!
Ritu is a full-time mom and a full-time dentist. She found herself at a point after she had her second child with low energy, frustration, not sleeping well, exhausted, and no time or energy for exercising. “There was more weight than I wanted, a lack of energy, and lack of feeling good about life in general. These things are not a good combination to have a good attitude about life!” says, Ritu.
Ritu got fed up with being exhausted all the time and signed for a gym membership. Then she decided to take up running because every gym has a treadmill and you can run anywhere. She looked into the “Couch to 5K” program. This program gets you started from the very basics from starting to run for just 30 seconds to 1 minute, then walk 30 seconds to 1 minute. Ritu had a hard time sticking to the plan after about a month, so she decided to sign up for a group running class with the local running store. This kept her motivated to get her to her first 5K race.
After Ritu completed her 5k, she set her sights on a half marathon. So, she joined a local running club. She started training 2-3 times a week with this group. They give you a plan and they have lots of peer support in person and online. She couldn’t have accomplished this feat on her own. She started training in January and ran her half marathon (13 miles) in May! Listen to how she went on to do more than just one half marathon.
A year goes by, now Ritu decides to take it up a notch and train for a full marathon! It was a long journey of from no running to completing a marathon. “Sometimes in life we forget where we started and see how far we have come!”, says Ritu. It is quite a journey and took a lot of work, but it was worth it. It is worth it. If this mom can go from pure exhaustion and no exercise to running a marathon, you can too! Be inspired!
It is quite an accomplishment and can be a very emotional experience from seeing friends and family along the course, to even strangers cheering you on, to coming to the home stretch, to getting that medal around your neck. Listen to Dr. Dave and Dr. Ritu talk about their marathon experiences and the tears shed!
Dr. Ritu was getting a little bored again with regular running after she ran 2 marathons. So, someone suggested she give trail running a try. She adored this form of running and went on to do ultra trail races. These are 50K and 50Mile runs! Wow! The goals for these kind of races is all about finishing, not crushing times. There are aide stations every few miles with Gatorade, gels, and foods like gummy bears, m&ms, bacon, mashed potatoes, and all kinds of crazy stuff! It is really more like buffet stations!! Listen to how Ritu blazed across the trails snacking all the way.
Start with WHY you want things to change. What are your WHYs? Is it for health, is it for weight loss, is it for energy, is it for you, is it for your children? Then for the HOW to get started, listen to the 10 Baby Steps to the Best Shape in Your Life to get you going https://www.davidmadow.com/20/.
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