232 – Are You Worried?

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Dr. Dave: (00:00)
Hey there. It’s Dr. Dave Microdose U. So I posted a question this morning on my YouTube channel. The question was really, really simple. And maybe even a little bit vague, it said, are you worried? Just those three words, are you worried? Question mark and preliminary results are in? And I think I have pretty good feel for the way it’s gonna go. But, , as of right now, 51% of you said, yes, you are worried 24% said, you’re not sure. And then another, like maybe 25% or so, whatever that nber comes to, , said no. So 51%. Yes. 24%. Not sure. Well, let me tell you something, if you’re not sure if you’re worried, you’re worried because if you were not worried about anything and it doesn’t really matter what it is, but if you’re not worried about anything, you would just say, no, I’m not worried, but if you say, , I’m not sure then if you say, you’re not sure you’re worried.

Dr. Dave: (00:58)
So, so 75% of you, 75% are worried. So I want to talk about this today. First of all, let’s start off with this. You’re gonna be fine. I absolutely promise you. You will be fine and things will be fine. I’m not sure what you’re worried about. 75% of you are worried. So it could range from anything from, I don’t know, a, a job you’re in a relationship you’re in, , inflation gas prices, a war, , P a political craziness. , it, it, it could be the, the stock market crashing, , Bitcoin going down. I mean, it could, it could be, it could be any of those and a lot more. So again, I want to stop you and say, take a step back, take a deep breath. You’re going to be fine. That’s coming from one of the biggest warriors or maybe one of the biggest ex warriors warriors, not warrior, but warrior in the world.

Dr. Dave: (02:12)
I have always been a worrier, always my entire life. I remember worrying about stuff back when I was eight, nine, and 10, like really worried about stuff. I was worried about, , stuff that was totally outta my control. So if anybody understands you worrying, I totally get it. But what I wanna say is, again, after taking a step back and taking a deep breath and saying that everything’s gonna be fine, I really mean it. I’m very serious. It will be fine in our lives. We go through good times, tough times, good times, tough times. It might be personally. It might be the country. It might be the world. It might be, , could be the environment. It could be, it could be anything. , but as bad as things seem to you, because you’re worried three outta four of you are worried as bad as things seem to you.

Dr. Dave: (03:12)
Now they will get better. It’s a promise. I mean, I’ve had to have people have the same conversation with me two years ago or two and a half years ago when roughly, , I was having some health issues, , physical, mental, a lot of anxiety, depression, , coronavirus was just hitting. , I was getting burnt out at my, at my work. , things were in my life. Things were really bad. I mean, I really felt that everything was on fire. I felt like the world was on fire, everything, everything that could go wrong to me and people around me was going wrong. I mean, you know, this was early in coronavirus. We thought, we thought everybody might die. We, we didn’t know. So I was going through some horrible stuff, horrible stuff. And here we are two and a half years later, two, two plus years later, , I’m still alive.

Dr. Dave: (04:10)
I’m healthy. I’m smiling. I’m not anxious right now. My depression’s gone. I worked on things and things cycled, you know, things cycled around. I mean, , you know, , maybe gas prices two years ago were super low. Now they’re crazy. High coronavirus was crazy high. Now it’s now that’s low things, things cycle things, cycle it’s, it’s gonna be okay, but it’s probably not enough for me just to say, it’s gonna be okay. That’s prob I mean, maybe that’s a good pep talk, but you’re not here to only hear a pep talk. You’re here to find out why you’re worried or not more importantly, not why you’re worried, but like, what can you do about your worry? What can you do about your anxiety? What can you do about your sadness or your depression or whatever it might be.

Dr. Dave: (05:02)
The thing that really really changed my life was the microdosing, the microdosing of, of magic mushrooms. , they rewired my brain, the stock market, for example, the stock. Now, I don’t know if you’re worried about financial stuff, but I’ll use it as an example right now, the stock market, the past several weeks has been taking a beating, a terrible beating. Most of my money is that’s where it is. And, and I’m planning on that for my retirement because that’s, that’s what I’ve got. And in the past, I would’ve down money going down, down, down. I would’ve been in full fledged anxiety attack. , sweating, sad, not talking to anybody. It would’ve been horrible now that I’ve used magic mushrooms and they’ve rewired the way my brain used to think or used to work. , now I’m, I’m, I’m more levelheaded maybe. And, and I’m more able to say to myself, because I don’t really talk to many people about this.

Dr. Dave: (06:11)
Other than maybe my wife, I’m more able to say to myself, Dave, this is a cycle. This is the way things go. There’s always good. There’s sometimes bad. The good outweighs the bad right now, maybe financially, we might be in a really tough time. Yeah. You go to the gas station and the gas is, is sky high. Some people are having a tough time filling their tanks up and going to work and feeding their families. Inflation is crazy so I can understand your worry. , I don’t worry anymore because first of all, a lot of this stuff is out of our control. And I do know that things will improve. I mean, I hope I’m talking to you one year from now, and we can look back on what’s going on today that you’re worried about. And we can say it was a blip on the radar screen because things got so much better. I don’t know when that’ll be. I don’t know if it’ll be two months from now. I don’t know if it’ll be two years from now. I, I don’t know, but I, one thing I can guarantee is that it will get better.

Dr. Dave: (07:14)
I’m thinking back. I remember after nine, right after nine 11, right after nine 11. And I was going in to see my financial planner and I was a lot younger. Of course I was well, 21 years younger than I am now. , I thought that was the end. I thought the stock markets were diving the, , finan. , there was a recession. Every everything was just going crazy. You know, we thought that this country could be in big trouble because they, they blew up part of New York. They blew up the world trade center, two buildings, and we thought like, you know, what’s next what’s gonna happen. This is the world’s gonna end. And I said to my fan financial planner, I said like, the stock market is gonna go down and it’s never gonna come back up. This is horrible. What’s gonna happen in my life.

Dr. Dave: (07:58)
And he looked at me kind of like what? I’m look kind of the way I’m looking at you today. And he said, no, he said, it’s we? Yeah, we we’ve experienced something terrible, but it will get better. And 21 years later, I’m looking at you telling you the same thing. It, it did get better. Now we’ve had craziness in between. We’ve had 2008, you know, the great, what do you call it? The great recession. Is that what it was called? The great, the great recession. That was, yeah, that wasn’t so great. I didn’t love that at all. But it, it was a terrible time. People were losing their houses. People were losing their jobs. People couldn’t afford to do anything. It was, it was, it was really, really, really bad. But we came out of that. There are always crazy things going on. So again, I didn’t really in my survey or my poll today, I didn’t really ask what you’re worried about. All I said is, are you worried? And 75% of you said either, yes or I’m not sure which again, the I’m not sure is a yes to me. I did poll a day or two ago also. And I was a little surprised that maybe I can’t remember the nbers. I don’t have them right in front of it. Maybe half of you are already microdosing. And then a percentage of you said, yes, I’m gonna be starting soon. And then another percentage said something like, I’m trying to figure things out. I’m eventually going to start or something like that. It was cl close enough

Dr. Dave: (09:28)
If you need this, what is it that you’re waiting for?

Dr. Dave: (09:35)
This is not rocket science. I started microdosing about 15 months ago. When, and before that I didn’t, I didn’t know anything. I knew nothing. I was in the same position that you are. If you know nothing about it. And you’re worried and scared I was in the same situation, but I knew enough to know that nothing else was working for me. It was not a, , it was not an option for me to be taking these pharmaceuticals every day for the rest of my life that weren’t even working fantastically. I wanted more, I wanted, I wanted to feel like the old David again. And I just, I wanted to, I wanted to feel like fresh again. So that’s why I, I dove in, I did all the research I could listen. I just, I just published a video, just put a video up. That’s called the absolute beginner’s guide to microdosing magic mushrooms.

Dr. Dave: (10:25)
That might not be the exact title, but I think it is. I think it’s pretty close. The absolute beginner’s guide to microdosing magic mushrooms. , it tells everything you need to know from start to finish everything. So you don’t have an excuse if you have not started yet. And you feel that you need to do something because you’re worried or you’re depressed or you’re anxious or something, then what is it that you’re waiting for? Are you gonna be trying to research it for another year or two? And then finally say, well, maybe I’ll be ready soon. I mean, this is your life. You’re going to be fine. But if I can suggest starting sooner rather than later, sooner means tomorrow. If you can tomorrow, why, why put it off another day tomorrow? Watch that video. Watch it. The absolute beginners guy. It it’s. It tells you everything you need to know. You’re not gonna have to, you’re not gonna have to research a million things. It’s got, it’s got everything you need to know. The only thing I don’t discuss is where to get magic mushrooms, because I can’t do that because in most places, they are not legal. And I don’t want to be promoting illegal things on my channel. If that makes sense.

Dr. Dave: (11:36)
This plant medicine is unbelievable, and this is not medical advice. This is somebody who’s been doing it for 15 months and who’s been totally rewired and reworked and feels unbelievably good. Now I want you to feel the same way. I want you to get out of this rut. I want you to stop, stop worrying. I want you to stop being anxious. And that’s easier for me to say, you know, it’s like stop being anxious. Now you can’t just say stuff, but if you follow what I say, there’s a much better chance that you will lose your anxiety and your depression and your worry. And if you have PTSD or if you stutter or anything like that, anything that’s, your brain needs to be rewired for. It could help you. Is it a hundred percent? No, but it’s very likely to help you. Let’s say that another thing, which I want you to stay in touch because if you have not subscribed yet, make sure you subscribing is another thing I’m gonna be talking about in the very near future is, , meditation. It’s extremely powerful, especially when used with microdosing matching mushrooms in particular, with something I’m doing right now is transcendental meditation.

Dr. Dave: (12:46)
I think from what I’m seeing the combination of using magic mushrooms, combining that with transcendental meditation is a total total game changer. I’ll be telling you more about that because I wanna do transcendental meditation twice a day for 20 minutes at a time for at least for one month before I even talk about it with you. But it seems what I’m seeing so far, what I’m feeling. It is a game changer, especially when combined with microdosing magic mushrooms. Okay? So most importantly, I really hope this little bit of a pep talk and information is going to get you to maybe not stop worrying. I hope it gets you to stop worrying, but at least mitigate lesson diminish the worrying. So it’s down to like almost nothing. I really hope you can do that. Again. Some things are totally out of our control. We have to ride them out and that’s what we do.

Dr. Dave: (13:44)
That’s what we have to do there. There’s no other choice, some things we just can’t control. So are you gonna worry about it every day? You, you can’t worry. You just they’re out of our control. So we ride them out. We do the best we can. Magic mushrooms will help reset your neural pathways or whatever the exact term is. And combining that potentially with meditation, which I’m gonna be talking about, , you could be a new person really soon, sooner than you think. So. I hope this helps you from my heart, from my heart. I really, really want you to live your best life possible. I’m Dr. Dave, this is Microdose U thanks so much for being with me. See soon.

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