89 – The Mall

For today’s episode, Dr. Dave is broadcasting from Owings Mills Mall in Owings Mills, MD. Are you like the mall?

The mall is very large but unfortunately there are only 1-2 stores open at this point. The mall used to be packed full of people – families, children, and elderly. Why is it that no one is at this mall? There are a lot of theories. Some say it is due to the subway system that was built not long after the mall opened. A lot of residents feel that the level of crime increased and the mall was no longer safe. Regardless of what happened we know that everything changes. Nothing stays the same. About 30 years ago, when Dr. Dave’s children were young, he used to bring them to this mall and he never could have imagined 30 years later that the mall we be a complete ghost town. He could have never imagined what life would be like 30 years later. When his kids see this podcast, they will never believe that the mall in in this condition.

Since the year that the mall opened, Dr. Dave has experienced depression, anxiety, poor relationships, divorce, you name it! But he recognized that he did not want things to stay the same. Whenever he went through bad times in his life, he became even more focused on fixing it. If you had asked him 30 years ago, he never could have imagined how great his life would be now at age 60. Luckily, he had dreams. He had aspirations and goals and knew where he wanted his life to go. He refused to settle for anything less than what he wanted because he realized that you only live once. It is possible to live through the tough times.

How about you? Are you having money problems? Relationship problems? Family problems? Work problems? Weight and health issues? Of course you are! Because everyone has problems. We are all in the same boat. We’ve all got things going on. Let’s fix them. Let’s not keep going in the wrong direction like the mall has been going. If the mall could talk it would say “I’m tired” or “I wish I would have changed something years ago”.

Can you stay exactly the way you are? Should you stay exactly the way you are? Only you can answer that.

So why is Dr. Dave talking about a mall? Because he doesn’t want you to end up the same way. He doesn’t want you to be empty. He wants you to be happy and thriving. Today’s homework is for you to identify one thing in your life that is not going as well as it should. Is it a relationship? Your health? Your weight? Close you eyes and clear you mind, take time to think about it. Write it down. Every day take time to look at your goal. Don’t obsess over it. But if you do it everyday, your brain will begin to figure out ways to make the situation better. Dr. Dave can’t explain why or how this happens but it’s true. A long time ago Dr. Dave wrote his goals down in a book and read over them every single day. And practically every single one of those goals became a reality!!

Dr. Dave is a regular guy who has been able to figure out how to make things happen in his life. He doesn’t sit back and let things happen to him. He makes them happen. It take strength, perseverance, dedication, and focus. It doesn’t take money, it doesn’t take being smart, it takes knowing that you want to get it done so badly that you will not let anything get in your way. No matter who tells you that you can’t or gets in your way. Dr. Dave shuts the naysayers down.

You can get it done! Don’t be the mall! Take control of your life. Are you going to do it? Do it right now!

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Did you enjoy today’s show? Do you have any questions for me? Do you have any comments or feedback? You are not alone! We want to help you live better, stronger, happier, thinner lives!

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