90 – Do You Smell?

How do you smell? Good or bad? Find out on today’s show!

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After converting to a plant-based diet, Dr. Dave noticed that if he missed using deodorant or anti-perspirant for a day or two, he did not smell. There was no weird smell or body odor. Eliminating animal products also seemed to eliminate body odor. Dr. Dave, wondering if this was a mere coincidence, began researching the decomposition process of animal products. Whenever you eat an animal product, the animal will begin to decompose, also known as Putrefaction . Putrefaction is one of the seven stages in the decomposition of the body of a dead animal. Whether you like it or not, you are eating a dead animal. In broad terms, putrefaction is the decomposition of proteins in a process that results in the eventual breakdown of cohesion between tissues and the liquefaction of most organs. This process also results in the production of noxious odors otherwise known as bad smells. As soon as an animal dies, it begins to decompose and that decomposition process results in a very bad smell. Somehow the smells are able to permeate from your body. That is why, for as long as we have known, people tend to mask smells with deodorant, perfume, eau de toilette, etc.

In addition, the ingredients in these products are also harmful.  Your body is designed to sweat. In fact, sweating is the body’s way of regulating temperature. Putting an anti-perspirant under your arms totally defeats the purpose of what your body is trying to do. Not to mention the chemicals that are used are unhealthy.

Plants decompose as well. What would you rather have on your plate? A piece of animal flesh that you know is decomposing due to bacteria and fungus or a piece of broccoli or tofu? It is common sense which option will be better for you and healthier for your body. Getting rid of animal products has made Dr. Dave much healthier, thinner, given him more energy, more vibrant, and as an added benefit he does not smell any more! Like most normal adults, Dr. Dave did have to use anti-perspirant but not anymore. We are told that this is what we need to do to mask smells. But if you eat a healthy diet, that is not necessary.

For anyone suffering from body odors or even conditions such as acid reflux, Try a plant-based diet for just 60 days. After 30 days, stop using anti-perspirant and deodorants and see if there is a difference. We use lots of things to mask our odors, but if we take the source of those odors away then you no longer have to be concerned about it. Regardless of whether you care about animals or about your health, you most likely do care about the way you smell, so take the challenge.

If you are using mouthwash or eating mints during the day because you feel that your mouth is not fresh, there is a very high probability that it is due to your stomach contents. If you have toxicity in your gut, your mouth will be impacted. Dr. Dave is a dentist by profession. He can tell you that if you have some type of gum disease in your mouth (i.e. periodontal disease), you have bacteria under the gum lining (pockets) and that can produce a very bad odor as well. Unfortunately, a vegan diet will not cure gum disease and you will still have an odor if untreated. Be sure to use a really good dentist that pays attention to your gums. Gum disease is the number one source of bad breath.

Stop covering up your odors and treat them at the source!

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