97 – Here’s How You Meditate!

On this episode, Dr. Dave teaches you exactly how to meditate!

We are quickly approaching episode #100 of the David Madow Lifestyle Show. On my 100th episode, I would like to share your stories of how I have helped you with my other listeners and viewers. If I have inspired you or helped you in some way, please let me know. I want to hear from you! Send your stories to me by private message on Facebook or simply post a comment on my wall. I appreciate your help in advance!

Today, I am recording this episode from one of my favorite cities in North America, San Francisco. I just finished running on Lombard Street which, if you have been to San Francisco before, you know is extremely hilly and steep. I did five repeats running from the base of the hill to the top. I was tired doing it but after I finished I felt fantastic! My lifestyle never stops. No matter where I am, I am emphatic about living this lifestyle and nothing gets in my way – no food, no lack of exercise – I always make sure I stick with my program. I don’t make excuses, exceptions, or having things in moderation.

Before I get into today’s show, I would like to share a quick tip. I always travel with healthy foods. Today I have with me brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are packed with selenium. Brazil nuts are a great way to get the selenium your body needs naturally. I believe in getting as many nutrients from natural whole foods as possible and this is one way I do that.

I promised that I would teach you from start to finish how to meditate and I want you to promise me that after you learn how to do this, you will at least try. You can’t just try it once and then say it didn’t work for me. It is nothing magical but if you start practicing it every day or many times per week over a period of time, you start to feel more at peace, less anxious, calmer, a lot of great things will happen to you if you meditate on a regular basis.

My Step by Step Process

Today we are going to follow my six-minute model. I use a great app on my iPhone to track my meditation sessions called Insight Timer.

1) Find a quiet place or a quiet room. I don’t typically use music although many people do. My background music is the perfect example of music that is good to play while meditating.

2) Sit down on the floor (or in a chair). You may cross your legs if you like.  I typically sit on a bolster which are commonly used in Yoga practice. It is a thick hard pillow. I find it difficult to sit cross legged for any length of time unless I am elevated. However if you are really flexible you can probably sit cross legged on the floor with no problem.

3) I set the timer on my Insight Timer app (mentioned above) for six minutes and press the start button. I have programed the app to make a gong sound when the meditation begins.

4) With my eyes closed, I take a nice long deep breath in and then exhale slowly. When I take that deep breath in, I am quietly saying the word “in” to myself. As I breath out, I say the word “out”. I do this to keep my mind from straying and thinking about things like problems, worries, and relationships. You can do this breathing at your own pace. You can also use a mantra. Instead of “in” and “out”, you can use the words “sat” (pronounced sa-ht) and “nom” (pronounced n-ohm). Use a mantra that frees your mind and prevents you from focusing on stray thoughts.

5) Repeat step number 4 for six minutes to start.

I prefer to do it in the morning before the day begins. If you do not have six minutes in the morning to take of your health, then please somehow find it. If you need to, wake up six minutes earlier, which will not change your life. But you will find meditating will change your life!

If stray thoughts enter your mind, you just do your best to release it. We’re human and it is very difficult to empty our minds completely. There is no right or wrong to meditating.

Meditation is different for everyone. Try to start doing it every day. You will see that things just seem to work better after you have meditated and even your relationships will work better.

I hope you do try it!

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