Four Days Until 10/10/10 – Chicago!

Yes, according to my calendar and watch I have about four days and ten hours before the starting gun sounds at the beginning of the Chicago Marathon. Am I ready? Yes, I am ready to finish! To complete the marathon, one needs a combination of physical and mental readiness. I think my body is ready for the run and as usual I am feeling a little mental so I should be OK!

This is going to be a test because as you know there will only be a two week time span between the time I completed my 48 mile hike in the Grand Canyon and the Chicago Marathon. I am hoping for the best.

The marathon is very emotional. I remember crying at least three times during last years’s run. I am not even sure why. I just did. And I probably will this year.

There is music along the course that relates to the run. Can you guess what song they were playing at the start last year? A prize to the person that guesses it. No fair if you were in the race though!

Waddle on!

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