Next Up: 10/10/10!

As I am still recovering from my 48 mile backpack in Grand Canyon, I was just reminded that exactly a week from today is the Chicago Marathon which I will be running. I did a seven mile run this morning and felt great. Probably lots of strength left in my legs and lungs from the backpack. Anyway, as you know from my previous writings, I am not out to win the marathon; my goal is to finish comfortably. Or fairly comfortably. Or alive. Whatever comes first!

This week is a very busy week for me at work so I will not get a lot of running in. But I wouldn’t want to anyway as generally the week before a marathon, I like to rest my legs.

I leave Friday morning for Chicago. It’s one of my favorite cities. I’m just praying for good weather. In the meantime, I’m just gettin’ things done this week. Just a lot of stuff I need to take care of. And if I don’t get to take care of stuff, most likely no one will ever care.

What are you doing right now to be healthy? If you have followed my blog and read my book, you already know the two most important things you can do are to exercise and eat smaller portions. The two keys to healthy life! Well, there are more things, but those are two very important ones. Are you doing both of them? If you are, you are doing better than most.

Waddle on!

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