One of my followers recommended this – within 15 minutes I bought one!

Someone in our “Nakama” (Nakama means tribe/group/fanbase in Japanese) told me that she drinks hydrogenated water every morning for her health. Not having been familiar with it, I made a joke to her… “Isn’t all water ‘hydrogenated’ by definition?” That’s why they call it H2O, right?   Although that may be true, there really is […]

Why Two Utah Mormons Ultimately Turned to Magic Mushrooms

I have been hearing from many of you lately and there appears to be a common theme. Your life is “OK” but it is not going 100% in the direction that you truly want it to in your heart. And I understand. Do you know why I understand? It’s because I’ve been there too.   […]

I Was Once There!

Hello friend! What are you doing today? I got up early and went to a circuit class at my gym. I try to do this every Saturday when I am in town as it gives me a reason to get out of bed, eat something and get moving! Tell me what you are up to […]